Meaford, ON

Population: 11,000 approx
Hidden Treasures: The Trout Hollow trail takes you 12 kms beside the beautiful Big Head River which runs through the town and spills out into the Bay at the Harbour.
Must Do: Visit the annual Scarecrow Invasion for some fun. Take in breath-taking views from the Irish Mountain lookout.
Size of area: 588.57 km²
Famous for: Apples and fishing

Historical Tidbits:

Meaford Ontario was first called Peggy’s Landing named after the wife of the first settler on this small Georgian Bay harbour community.

Melville “Sparky” Vail, and Herb Mitchell both played in the NHL, and Tom Thompson, the famous Group of Seven artist, was raised in Leith, the Meaford municipality.

Municipality of Meaford

There is rarely a better situated town than Meaford. Located on Southern Georgian Bay, with an immense harbour through which the Big Head River enters Georgian Bay, and community events that are the envy of most towns, Meaford offers unparalleled lifestyle and affordability. It has future planned development, and excellent educational facilities. Meaford has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years but remains affordable, with all levels of housing for various age groups.

Meaford is not only a quaint town with an incredibly charming and historical main street offering an array of shopping and dining options; it also comprises a large rural area made up of farmland and beautiful residential scattered on rolling hills, with unparalleled views of Georgian Bay, and the hills and valleys of Grey County.

Famous for its Apple Pie trail, it holds so much more for its residents. It is a warm, friendly community that holds numerous events throughout the year and has a lively theatre community that play in the historic Meaford Town Hall. Not to be outdone by its more famous cousin, the TIFF festival in Toronto, Meaford holds its own annual film festival, aptly named the MIFF.

Agricultural pursuits, environmentally friendly businesses, retail, and tourism are the main sectors of business, which are growing. You will find superb fishing, craft breweries, VQA wineries/cideries that use locally grown crops that produce delicious beverages.

Meaford is a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy life.

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